Our Philosophy

Welcome to Thistle Academy of Dance, where children are taught dance with love and excellence in a nurturing, fun and disciplined environment.

We believe dance can increase a student's confidence and self-esteem, while they gain an element of grace and poise. Dancers are encouraged to discover their potential through self-discipline and dedication, providing an enriching experience that can last a lifetime.

We focus on teaching dance as an Art Form,
rather than as a sport or competition.

Our lesson plans include dance terminology, proper technique and artistry. We can provide students with a strong Classical Ballet foundation; imperative for all forms of dance.

A spring show is presented after every year of training, where students can demonstrate their stage and performance skills. This event provides our Dancers with a feeling of accomplishment and allows them to experience an organized and professionally run program.

The Academy is taught under the direction of Kathryne Beagan who has 22 years of dancing experience and is a member of the Dance Teachers Club of Boston / American Society. Miss Kathryne is supported by an experienced and qualified teaching staff.

Thistle Academy of Dance | 80 Mooreland Road | Melrose, MA 02176 | (781) 665-2277